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Syn City Cowboys Show Review

Posted on Mar. 28th 2013


Saturday night at the Wilson Family Benefit show at Aftershock, the Syn City Cowboys took the stage and they made a stand like no other and left people in the crowd questioning what they thought they knew about the local music scene in Kansas City.

At first when you hear the name Syn City Cowboys the general response in Kansas City is still, who? These guys have come out of nowhere over the past few months and are making waves across the scene in big ways. They are still not listed with the area’s top bands like Echo Vendetta, Evalyn Awake, Rocker Lips, and others that are considered “A” list but we collectively as a staff believe that is about to change in rapid fashion.

Syn City Cowboys from the word start to the stage and left nothing behind. They struck the first note and from then until the end of their set they rocked the stage without question. The harmonies were rich, the effects used during the set were on target, but most importantly they showcased exactly what they have to offer to the music scene.

Syn City Cowboys is a mainstream rock type music that you would hear on 98.9 FM in Kansas City, and if they were to be placed into rotation they would fit right in. With that said they have a very unique nitch sound that is theirs. There is a ton of influence in their music that each song represents, but no matter the influence they make it their own. Even in their cover of Bon Jovi’s ”Wanted Dead or Alive” they had small twists to make it fit their style, and it works.

With what they performed and how they performed Saturday night in Merriam, coupled with the CD they have available for fans to grab, they can go up against anyone in this local scene, especially the heavy hitters and they would hold their own just fine, and dominate most with just the pure talent they present, not to mention the way they draw the fans into the show.

The question that is really not a question is are the Syn City Cowboys worth the price of a ticket to get out and make a night of it on the town? Yes, without a doubt. Personally I can see them on a stage with a couple local “B” or even “C” list openers in front of them, and they could still demand a $15 to $20 ticket and it would (or should) sell. Anytime this band is on the normal $10 ticket around town they would without a doubt satisfy even if it was just them. The only thing that is stopping this band from taking very large stages to the likes of Sandstone, Sprint Center, and others is the lack of people knowing who they are. Once again, I believe this is going to change rapidly and these small shows that Syn City Cowboys are performing right now are going to be a thing of the past very soon.

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